Thornhill has some of the best homes in the Greater Toronto Area. Best homes are best only when they are maintained well. Did you know your home is only as healthy as your basement? Basement, being the foundation of your home, is the most important structural part of your home.

Basement water leaks due to cracks in foundation or side walls is a major issue in many homes. This usually happens in older homes or newer homes in the first few years due to land settlement. No matter what the cause is, it needs to be addressed sooner than later. This is when you need a proficient basement waterproofing contractor in Thornhill.

Why hire a Waterproofing Contractor in Thornhill?

Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Thornhill

All around Toronto, everybody loves to have a basement as it provides ample of space. You must have seen people turning their basements into a place of amusement, storage, work or any other type of utility. But it’s all fun and frolic until the real threat shows up.

A basement, and of course other vulnerable belongings of yours such as furniture, is quite prone to water damage. The only preventive measure to safeguard you against such calamities is waterproofing. After all, who likes a wet or leaky basement?

Here are four ways in which a basement waterproofing contractor can secure your Thornhill home or mansion:

1. Create a Dry Healthy Basement

A basement is only useful if it’s dry & healthy. A wet/leaky basement not only damages your appliances & furniture but is unhealthy too. Dampness causes a variety of health issues like rashes, respiratory issues, asthma etc. It’s particularly more harmful for kids & seniors. A damp basement will also ruin your home as the wooden frames & drywalls can absorb moisture and get bloated and weak over time. Floor & stair squeaks are also other common moisture problems.

2. Shielding Your House against Flooding

Water leakage, if not treated on time, can turn into constant flooding ruining your heater, HVAC, furniture and drywall…
Imagine its winter and water from snow melting seeps into your home. Due to extreme weather conditions it’s difficult to get a waterproofing contractor in Thornhill to fix your leaky basement. So, it’s better to safeguard your home against flooding sooner than later.

3. No More Room for Unwanted Microorganisms

Walls which fall victim to excess moisture due to water leakage or accumulation can act as growth promoters for mold and mildew. Such decayed presence in your house can adversely affect your health and your family’s health.

As a matter of a major consequence, mold and mildew arrive along with humidity, which can cause recurrent asthma or bronchitis attacks. Even the structural foundation of your house can come into jeopardy due to such fungal growth in your walls.

You should opt for exterior waterproofing, something that a skilled waterproofing contractor can provide, in order to avoid the entry of microorganisms in your house. This can also prevent the occurrence of a leaky basement in your Thornhill house.

4. Sump, Pump, Stagnant Water in the Dump!

Constant flooding comes with many repercussions and one of these is water stagnation. In case your house is prone to it due to external sources, a waterproofing contractor can install a sump pump in your basement. This can ensure full recovery from such water accumulation.

The excess water is drained into a soakage pit, saving your house’s structural sidekicks like its pillars, and foundation, from water damage. This way, your house can stay away from the threat of potential or active water flooding.

Why Choose Drytech to Fix Your Wet Basement in Thornhill?

We at Drytech Waterproofing hold over 25 years of experience of resolving and averting water damage problems for our esteemed clients. We are comprehensively licensed & insured (WSIB & CSPAAT) and we offer 25 years warranty to our clients as evidence of our reliability and expertise.

Contact Us Today for a Free Estimate to fix your wet basement in Thornhill.

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