Owning a home in Toronto is a commendable accomplishment. However, it’s important to take adequate protective measures to safeguard the exterior walls to prevent water seepage into the basement. If you are experiencing a basement water leakage in Toronto or GTA, Exterior waterproofing is an effective way of preventing water entry into the basement. It also ensures a stronger structural integrity of your property and prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the surface.

We, at Drytech Exterior Waterproofing Toronto, take pride in offering you the requisite engineering solutions for 100 % protection against water seepage. Our team of exterior waterproofing Toronto professionals can take care of every damp or cracked/leaky basement.

We are leading waterproofing contractors in Toronto and we also serve Oakville, Etobicoke, Oshawa, Pickering, Scarborough & GTA.

Exterior Waterproofing Process:

1. Trench Excavation

We dig around your property, down to the weeping tile pipe. The exact depth can differ depending on the elevation of the building but is typically between 4 and 8 feet.

2. Wall Cleaning & Brushing

We clean and power wash the wall, to expose the concrete or brickwork that covers your exterior walls. We can then check for any holes or structural cracks.

3. Exterior Wall Drying

After brushing and washing the exterior wall, we ensure that the wall surface is dry by using a blow torch where it is needed.

4. Fixing Wall Cracks

When the walls are exposed and the cracks identified, next comes the necessary repairs to the foundations. We chisel out any defected areas and apply hydraulic cement to any cracks. This cement then expands and provides reconstruction and protection for your existing walls.

5. Apply Protective Layers

We install an elastomeric waterproofing, which is pliable, polymer-modified asphalt. Elastomeric membranes heal themselves should new cracks happen to appear. This process will prevent water penetration under pressure whereas tar will only slow down the water elastomerics actually waterproofs it.

6. New Footing Tiles

This will keep the level of water below the floor of the basement. Keeping the basement both pressure-free and leak-free. New clean-outs are also installed which allows the footing tile to be accessed without digging in case it needs to be snaked or cleaned.

7. Clean Up

Once all of the work has been completed we will restore your home’s landscaping to the original condition with fresh topsoil and any shrubbery that had to be moved will be replanted.

Here’s how exterior waterproofing can help you:

1. Protection from Damp and Mold (Healthy home!)

Mold and mildew thrive in moist and damp surfaces. It is essential to proof your house from these growths as they emit a foul odor and also cause respiratory complications like asthma and allergic cough. It also damages food products and furniture present near humid walls. Moreover, it is also increasingly strenuous cleaning the walls and floors infested by mold and mildew.

To prevent your household premises from mold and dampness, give us a call at Drytech Waterproofing Toronto. We offer economical exterior waterproofing solutions in Toronto for your 100 % satisfaction with our services.

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2. Maximum Utilization of Basement Area

In most homes in Toronto, occupants use the basement area as a storage space, garage, living, or even study room. In such a scenario, if dampness sets in then you would not be able to utilize this space for your benefit.

It also makes the floor, furniture, and wiring unsafe for residents and the house as a whole. However, you do not have to press the panic button so early. You can rely on our exterior excavation services to find out the source of the seepage in your basement. We are renowned for our affordable exterior excavation waterproofing cost. We are ever ready to help you restore your house to its former glory with our professional expertise and knowledge.

3. Arrest Water Seepage

Exterior waterproofing is a full proof solution which will ensure there is no water seepage into the basement. This will ensurehumidity can’t penetrate the walls and affect the interior of your home.

To make your house foolproof against the damp and wet environment, you need to employ exteriorwaterproofing at the same time. It will combat water seepage and ensure you never have to worry about wet and damp interior walls or floors.

4. Takes Care of Structural Integrity

Foundation, columns, and walls of any home help provide structural strength. Proper maintenance of these elements enhances the longevity of a house. If these structures attract moisture from external sources then they will develop cracks and degrade. Prolonged exposure to water would make the structure weak from inside and reduce the overall load-bearing ability. It will also get reflected in the total life of the house. Exterior waterproofing helps to prevent this issue considerably and offers homeowners in Toronto peace of mind.

To find out more about our exterior waterproofing service in Toronto or to get a no-obligation quote, Contact Drytech Waterproofing Toronto @  (437) 779-7664 – Your Basement waterproofing experts in Toronto & GTA!

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