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Have you recently observed cracks in the basement foundation? Are you worried about the foundation leak repair and the high costs associated with remediation? Stop worrying! The first thing you should do is to hire a foundation repair professional in Toronto to inspect your basement. Crack repairs at early stages will help you save quite a bit on the remediation cost you may incur in case of floods or damages from water seepage into your property.

Foundation cracks occur due to a variety of reasons including wall shrinkage, settling cracks, earthquakes, etc. Our team of certified and experienced foundation repair professionals can provide effective solutions for fixing foundation cracks. We have 25+ years of experience in foundation crack repair & we also provide 25 years warranty on every job!

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Let’s look into foundation crack repair a bit in detail:

What are Foundation Cracks?

According to engineers, when there is a gap of more than 1/4-inch in the foundation wall then you should consider it seriously and go ahead with foundation crack repair.

There are two types of cracks on walls – vertical and horizontal. Among these, horizontal cracks require immediate attention as they develop due to continuous expansion and contraction of the underneath soil or rocks. The expansion and contraction exert pressure on the foundation of the building, which, in turn, results in deep cracks. In a majority of the cases, these cracks develop near the basement doors and windows.

What are the symptoms of foundation cracks?

Symptoms could be cracks on exterior finishes and on interior plaster or drywall, noticeable dips in the floor, crumbling of the foundation and bowing exterior walls. When determining if there is a crack or hole in your foundation, it is important to know what to look for. Some of the obvious signs of a foundation crack can include wet carpets, water stains on the walls or ceiling, and wet baseboards. Most of the time the actual leak is not even located in the same area where you’ll see your water damage.

What are the different types of Foundation Cracks?

Here are some of the common foundation cracks that we have witnessed in homes in Toronto:

1. Wall Shrinkage Foundation Cracks

The wall shrinkage cracks are usually less than 1/16-inch wide and appear under basement windows or above doors. They can be either uniform in size or V-shaped. Here, the gap is wider at the top and narrows down at the base. They tend to extend throughout the depth of the foundation wall and can act as a source of water leakage.

If you notice these cracks in your house, monitor them closely. In some cases, these cracks result due to structural or support issues. You can call us anytime to determine whether there is any risk of wall collapse due to shrinkage cracks.

2. Wall Settling Cracks

These cracks mostly result due to poorly developed foundation footings or faulty placement of steel reinforcement. If these cracks are more than 1/4-inch then immediately give us a call. Our experts will guide you throughout the repair process.

In some cases, it may also require excavation and reconstruction. So, never make a mistake of employing an inexperienced technician for foundation repair in Toronto. It can lead to permanent structural damage to your home.

What Should You Do When You Notice Foundation Cracks?

Whenever you notice wide gaps in your foundation walls, immediately get in touch with us. We will send our foundation repair professionals to inspect the condition of your foundation and submit a report on foundation repair cost. We will explain you the repair process & costs in detail. Once the estimate is approved, our dedicated and skilled technicians will begin fixing those foundation cracks.

Once we complete the repairs, we go ahead with the waterproofing of the basement so that you never face leakage or water stagnation.

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