Wet basement in Toronto is not just cumbersome to manage, but can also cause a significant financial burden. Even if you have purchased a home insurance plan, you cannot always depend on it to come to your rescue. This is because a lot of leaks are unlikely to win you a claim.

Basement Leaks and Homeowner Insurance

To understand if you are likely to get a home insurance claim for your leaky basement in Toronto, you need to identify the root cause of the flooding first. While in a variety of situations leaky basement is covered by home insurance, some are often not covered. So, if you face the unfortunate instance of a wet basement, you need to first diagnose the cause of the leak.

Homeowner Insurance for Basement Leaks

Basement leaks caused due to internal sources such as broken appliances, burst pipes, leaky water heater, and overflowing fixtures such as tubs and sinks are fortunately most likely covered by your home insurance policy. However, leaks caused due to external water sources are not likely to be covered in a typical home insurance policy.

So, if there are cracks in the foundation or window well that causes groundwater to seep in your basement, it will be considered as a maintenance issue and a responsibility of the home-owner. Likewise, the gutters and downspouts are supposed to be frequently checked by the home-owner to see that they are clear of any blockages and are efficient in moving the water away from your property.

Here we discuss the common causes of a wet basement in Toronto where your regular homeowner insurance plan may not be of help.

  • Flood Damage – If your area faces a massive amount of rain that is causing sewer back-up, leading to flooding of the basement, it is advisable you go for sewer back-up coverage. Such coverage comes at additional cost but it is worth it especially if you have a newly renovated or well-adorned basement.
  • Sump Pump Failure – Sump pump failure is a frequently reported cause of basement flooding. In most cases, the cause of sump pump failure is the loss of power, mechanical problem, or pump overload. If you rely on a sump pump for basement flooding it is recommended that you keep a back-up sump pump. This little investment makes effective flood insurance. However, if this does not give you enough peace of mind, go for sump pump failure insurance coverage.

Basement Waterproofing Coverage

At Drytech Waterproofing Toronto, we are there to ensure your basement remains dry and healthy always. However, if you have a newly constructed basement equipped with sci-fi gadgets and if you want your home insurance plan to cover wet basement issues, it is recommended you ask for comprehensive water damage coverage from your insurance company.

Such a plan will cover you in case of leaky basement caused due to sewer backup, accumulation of rainwater, overflowing water bodies, etc. Do remember to check the fine points so you know for sure what’s covered and what’s not. Here’s what TD water damage insurance would cover.

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Drytech Waterproofing is an established basement waterproofing contractor in Toronto & GTA. We have 25+ years of experience in fixing a wet basement in Toronto/GTA. We offer exterior and interior waterproofing services as well as foundation repair. We ensure your basement remains dry and free of mold growth. In case of emergencies, we are just a call away!

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