There are several ways that water can enter your home, resulting in a leaky basement. Before you can resolve the issue, it is essential to determine the source of the leak. The professionals and experts at Drytech Waterproofing Toronto have the knowledge and expertise to find out the origin of the leak and take remedial measures to fix a leaky basement. We have been serving homeowners in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area for the last 30 years and have become one of the most sought-after basement waterproofing contractors.

Causes for a Leaky Basement in Toronto:

A leaky basement can occur due to the following reasons:

Basement Leak Repair Toronto
  • Cracks in the basement walls are one of the main reasons for a leaky basement. The cracks allow water to seep in, causing the basement to get wet and damp
  • Cracks in the floor can also result in water entering the basement
  • Downspouts that point towards the foundation can cause water to seep into the foundation and the fissures and cracks in the foundation can then cause water to enter the basement
  • In case you have windows in the basement, cracks, holes and rot in the frames can also be the entry point for water to enter the basement
  • A leaky basement may also be caused due to the overloading of the city water main. Such situations can result in a backflow into your basement
  • If the ground slopes towards your house, water may leak into your basement

At Drytech Waterproofing Toronto, we ensure that we thoroughly inspect and analyze your property to discern the actual cause of the leak. After finding the source, our experts will suggest the best possible solution to combat the leaky basement in Toronto.

Our Services

Besides fixing cracks and gaps in the foundation, we also have the expertise to install curtain drains inside and outside your basement. This would require us to construct a shallow trench around your home to direct water away from the structure. We also install water barrier membranes and sheets inside and outside your home to ensure no water seeps into your basement.

Our methods of fixing leaky basements are extremely effective and result-oriented. That is why we are a popular basement waterproofing company in Toronto and GTA. We make sure we use the best quality materials that last a long time. Our workmanship comes with a 25-year warranty.

All our basement waterproofing technicians are experts in basement waterproofing and are licensed and insured. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our effective yet affordable basement waterproofing strategies. If you have an emergency, you can depend on us to help you out in your time of need.

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To get a free quote to fix your leaky basement in Toronto or GTA, get in touch with us today. Our experts will schedule an inspection at a time that is convenient for you and after thoroughly examining the basement and your property, they will suggest the best possible solution to help you reclaim the basement.

You can reach us at (437) 216-5971 and we will be there within no time to repair and fix your leaky basement in Toronto or GTA.

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