Drytech Waterproofing Toronto is one of the most reputable waterproofing contractors in Toronto and GTA. We are a family-owned business, and we have the knowledge and experience in resolving issues related to basements and foundations. Over the last three decades, we have been repairing and fixing wet basements, damp basements, leaks in the basements, and cracks in the foundation. We are proud to be the go-to waterproofing company in Toronto and offer superior customer service.

Why Choose Us as Your Waterproofing Contractor in Toronto?

Waterproofing Contractors Toronto
  • Over 30 years of experience in fixing and waterproofing basements and foundations
  • Insured and certified staff with sound technical knowledge
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with our highest quality work
  • Latest technologies to ensure optimal results
  • In-house experts and specialists to tackle wet and damp basement and foundation
  • 25 years warranty

As a leading waterproofing company in Toronto, Drytech Waterproofing Toronto provides an ironclad warranty on the work done. However, it gives us immense pleasure to inform you that more often than not our repairs and solutions outlive the warranty that we provide. That is the main reason we are one of the most highly sought-after waterproofing contractors in Toronto and the neighboring areas.

We ensure that when you call us for emergencies or otherwise, a professionally trained expert visits your property to assess and provide you with a free quote and possible solutions.

Our Waterproofing Services in Toronto

Rain and floods can easily compromise the structural integrity of your home and can lead to mold and mildew proliferation inside your home. As a leading waterproofing company in Toronto, we specialize in interior basement waterproofing and exterior basement waterproofing in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

We use a range of protective membranes and barriers to keep water from seeping and leaking into your foundation and basement. If your property is prone to flooding, we also install sump pumps to keep water away from the foundation.

Drytech Waterproofing Toronto has the expertise to fix and repair cracks, fissures, and crevices in foundations that result in water percolating into the foundation and from there into the basement. We restore the structural integrity of your home and ensure it is healthy and safe for you and your loved ones.

Contact Drytech Waterproofing Toronto Today!

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and effective waterproofing company in Toronto, get in touch with us right away. Even if you are unsure whether your foundation or basement requires remediation, getting in touch with one of the leading waterproofing contractors for your wet/leaky basement in Toronto will give you peace of mind. With Drytech Waterproofing Toronto, you will also get a customized solution that fits into your budget. Reach out to us at (437) 216-5971.

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