A wet basement is not something that you would want in your home as it reduces the value of your property and causes a lot of unease. It will make your basement unusable and give rise to harmful mold and mildew. With Drytech Waterproofing, a wet basement in Toronto will never be a cause for concern. We have the expertise, skill, and knowledge to waterproof your basement and prevent water from percolating into your home. We boast more than 30 years of experience in this field and have become the go-to basement waterproofing contractors in Toronto and GTA.

Why Choose Us to Fix a Wet Basement in Toronto?

  • Drytech Waterproofing Toronto is a family-owned business that focuses on quality
  • Our services come with a 100% guarantee for customer satisfaction
  • We provide 25 years warranty on our workmanship
  • Our waterproofing contractors in Toronto use the latest technologies and materials in basement waterproofing
  • We boast a team of highly qualified and certified technicians
  • Drytech Waterproofing Toronto is licensed and insured

Our Wet Basement Waterproofing Services

wet basement toronto

It is essential to tackle a wet basement without delay. For one, the moisture and dampness in the basement will result in mold and mildew proliferating and thriving in your basement. The spores of these fungi lead to respiratory disorders, including asthma. Furthermore, when your basement is wet, you are losing a significant portion of your living space. You will not be able to utilize the basement, thereby making it redundant. A wet basement can also harm the foundation and undermine structural integrity.

At Drytech Waterproofing Toronto, we use a combination of water barrier membranes and sheets internally (interior waterproofing) and externally (exterior waterproofing) to prevent water from entering your basement. This method of waterproofing can be a boon to homeowners who live in areas that are prone to flooding due to the presence of Lake Ontario.

We have the right expertise, tools, and equipment to repair foundation cracks. We have observed that when foundations develop cracks and fissures, water can enter the basement walls and flooring through the foundation. Usually, capillary action causes the water to climb upwards, resulting in a wet basement.

In case your basement is flooded, we will install a sump pump to eliminate the water and ensure remediation so that you can reclaim the basement and make it an integral part of your home.

Drytech Can Make Your Wet Basement Nice & Dry! Get in Touch with Us Today

If you live in Toronto or GTA and have a wet basement, get in touch with the experts at Drytech Waterproofing Toronto. Our Toronto waterproofing contractors provide emergency interior waterproofing & exterior waterproofing services. Our experts will visit your home at a time that is convenient for you and conduct a thorough inspection and analysis before presenting the best basement waterproofing solution. You can reach us at (437) 216-5971 for a free quote.

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